Entering Arena Edit


In the bottom left-hand corner of the overworld screen you will see two crossing swords.

Arena Menu Edit

Picture Features
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When you enter the Arena you will see this menu prompt. You can now earn Souls and Greater Souls which are new materials used for upgrading gear. You can also earn Gold and items as well. Some of the items are very rare(sword in the stone pulls) and each item can range from Broken to Ornate. You see that Arena Tokens are required to battle now. Arena Tokens can be bought from the shop, earned from killing Fallen mobs or bosses, or won at the Arena. Each player starts with 10 tokens, and the rest must be earned or purchased. The Menu tells you how many opponents are available. It also gives the number of Arena Tokens currently owned by the player. Lastly, Leave and Battle buttons are found at the bottom. Leave makes the player leave the arena, and Battle forces a battle with one of the available opponents. Each Battle costs one Arena token.

Battling in the Arena Edit

Battling in the arena is much like battling mobs in the overworld. The only difference is you cannot use items and you cannot flee the battle. Your Arena HP/Mana are different from the HP/Mana in the overworld. You will be completely healed after each battle, so that when you enter the arena again you will have full HP/Mana/ If you lose the Arena battle, you get nothing. If you win, you get XP, Orn, Gold, as well as a chance for items.

Dukedoms Edit

Another way to enter PvP is to challenge players for control of their dukedom.

Arena Drops Edit

Materials Edit


Greater Soul

Items Edit

Arena Tokens

Potions, Mana Potions, and Elixirs

Tier 1 Gear Edit


Wooden Staff

Magician Hood

Magician Robe

Tier 2 Gear Edit



Great Staff

Boots of Storm

Tier 3 Gear Edit


Frosty Daggers

Royal Dagger

Royal Longbow

Warlock Staff

Royal Chestplate

Warlock Robe

Royal Helmet

Royal Hood

Warlock Hat

Royal Boots

Boots of Fire

Warlock Boots

Tier 4 Gear Edit

Silver Kris

Earthen Sceptre

Storm Sceptre

Boots of the Sea

Boots of Earth

Tier 5 Gear Edit

Grand Sword



Grand Armor

Battlemage Armor

Grand Helmet

Battlemage Helmet

Battlemage Boots

Grand Leggings

Tier 6 Gear Edit




Shiva's Bow

Bow of Diana

Tier 7 Gear Edit


Tier 8 Gear Edit