There are various items that can be purchased in a Shop, found in chests, or dropped by monsters. They can do anything from healing to helping you see in the dark.

List of Items Edit

Name Effect Purchase Sell (Gold)
Small health potion

Small Health Potion

+100 HP 100 25
Large health potion

Large Health Potion

+250 HP 500 125
Greater health potion

Greater Health Potion

+500 HP 5000 1250
Greater health potion
Super Health Potion +1000 HP 6000 1500
Small mana potion

Small Mana Potion

+100 Mana 100 25
Large mana potion

Large Mana Potion

+250 Mana 500 125
Greater mana potion

Greater Mana Potion

+500 Mana 5000 1250
Greater mana potion
Super Mana Potion +1000 Mana 6000 1500
Small elixir

Small Elixir

+100 HP and Mana 500 125
Large elixir

Large Elixir

+250 HP and Mana 2500 625
Greater elixir

Greater Elixir

+500 HP and Mana 10000 2500
Greater elixir
Super Elixir +1000 HP and +1000 Mana 20000 7500
Panacea Full health and mana 1000000 250000
Antidote Cures poison. 50 12
Cure-all Cures poison, bleeding, blight, paralysis, sleep, or blindness
Lucky coin

Lucky Coin

Increases Gold for one hour N/A 2500
Silver coin

Lucky Silver Coin

Increases Orn for one hour N/A 12500
Exp potion
EXP Potion Increases EXP earned for one hour N/A 12

Dowsing Rod

Increases item drops for one hour 25000 6250


Lights your way at night; +2 Monster spawns 100 25

Occult Candle

Attracts more monsters 500 Orn N/A
Affinity candle
Affinity Candle Makes only your tier(and a few 1 tier below) spawn 200000 50000
Attack tonic
Attack Tonic Doubles attack for one battle 100 25
Defense tonic

Defense Tonic

Doubles Defense for one battle 100 25
Magic tonic

Magic Tonic

Double Magic Attack for one battle 100 25
Speed tonic

Speed Tonic

Doubles Speed for one battle 250 62
Coffee Obtained by donating $4.99.

Heals health and mana.

Boosts speed and cures sleep.

$4.99[1] 12
Monster Remains Summons a boss monster to your current location. 250000 62500
Great remains
Greater Monster Remains Summons a berserk boss monster to your current location. ? 250,000
Arena token
Arena Token Allows player to battle in Arena one time. 50 gold/1

99 cents /25

Gauntlet key
Gauntlet Key Allows access to Gauntlet
  1. This is an in-app purchase. Costs $4.99 USD